Sunday, February 2, 2020

a lot can happen in a decade

Today is super bowl Sunday.  Many years ago when the 49ers were regularly great, the 2 weeks between conf champs and the final passed slowly.  Whereas today, I say already?!  I also used to care a good deal if they won.

Yesterday, Wild Card Cycling teammate Ryan emailed that I was the last person to pick up this year's jersey.  So I met him and the rest of the crew at Quality.  The bigger event (which I had forgotten because I'm so detached and clueless) was a celebration of captain Karl's retirement.  Which brought out a good chunk of the crew that I rode with before Clara was born.  Dave, Luke, Greg, Martin, Karl, Art, John, and more!  

Greg recalled Jill being pregnant when we first met.  Now Clara is 10 years old and would read all day every day if we let her [today's book is Peter and the Starcatchers book 2.  Janny still lives at home also.  Yesterday we bought her birthday pinata; she needs to get to know and love it for a month before bashing it to pieces].  Dave said he hasn't ridden in the last 3 months!?!  In the old days, you were at least mediocre if you could stay on his wheel during his surges.  I'm positive that's still true today.  Larry is now 69, and he's still faster than me.  John S didn't recognize me at first due to my bald head and scraggly beard.  Luke reminisced about how we would have ridden 60+ miles in current weather (35 and cloudy), whereas it seemed like no one road yesterday.

John B's younger sister passed away from a brain tumor this week. 

So did friend Tom from [old] church.  So 2020 is off to a bittersweet start.  I'm so grateful that I had one last chance to see Tom in the fall.  A few years ago, Tom and his son joined me on a day like today to ride in the arboretum.  I took them through the woods near Windsor road, which was a really terrible idea.  Mud, mud, and overgrown trails.  They didn't ride again with me there.  Probably a wise choice by them.  Tom wanted to pass along their smallest bike that younger son had recently outgrown before he passed.  It's now cleaned and tuned up in our garage waiting for Janny to grow a few inches.

- - - - - - - - - - -
The recent event that did make time pass slowly was our church's 21 day fast.  Our choice for what that meant. Jill practiced an eating plan close to Daniel's (of lion's den fame) consisting of fruits and veggies.  I went with more of a vegetarian diet plus no desserts [and I took some breaks while I was in St Louis; didn't want to be a pain to coworker]. 

I continue to realize how much of my life and mindset is driven by my body.  I hate feeling hungry.  I quickly grow tired of eating sweet potatoes.  On the bright side, my soul is slowly emerging from some intertwined layers of apathy and frustration.  May this decade be more fulfilling than the last.

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