Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the synopsis

Let's see, the last post was about our energy usage.  I can update that for you:  we ranked #12 last month.  Great job by us!  I hope to buy a new fridge soon, so we might continue to climb the chart.

We sent a care package to a student studying abroad in Leeds.  He appreciated the fine artwork as well as the mac and cheese, which is unavailable there (and I thought Brits had poor taste in food).

A number of more significant events have transpired recently.  In an order of my own mind:

1.  Janny turned one!  We had a couple celebrations, the actual birthday event was at our 2nd home, La Fiesta.  She had 3 teeth, enough hair to mostly cover her head, and was just starting to walk.  When in the right mood today, she'll walk about 10 feet, toddling all the while.

2.  I went to Wild Card Cycling's spring training camp near Lick Creek, IL.  20ish of us enjoyed perfect weather, riding 200 miles in 3 days with lots of hills and trees and rivers to look at, including the mighty Ohio River at Golconda, IL.  Greg posted a nice group photo on facebook in front of the bluffs at Giant City.  It doesn't look like we're in IL.

My pre-weekend training program was pretty successful.  Only one long ride (50 miles), but 2-3 times per week I did intervals.  I was trying to do Tabata intervals (8 sets of 20 second sprints, 10 seconds rest.  4 minute workout!), but I can only do 3 sets before falling to pieces.  I had pretty good power and reasonable stamina.

While I was away, Jill's parents paid a visit to the girls.  I did not get a chance to see them.

3.  My grandfather passed away at 95 years old.  All of my memories of him are from fun times; Park City vacations, playing ping pong in their basement, golfing, visiting amusement parks and water parks.

Since we hadn't visited the family in CO for around 5 years, we all decided to go to his funeral.  Driving was much cheaper than flying, so we drove all night Tues night and took 2 days to get back home.  I can't stand driving in town, but I love a good road trip.  Janny slept nearly the whole drive, and Clara watched Dora and Blues Clues about 50 times each on our bought-for-this-trip-but-Jill-now-uses-it-regularly Kindle fire.