Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas

We celebrated Christmas in Urbana with the Smith family this year.  
Clara has been inflicted with some sort of bug.  Between periodic bouts of suffering, she's had a great time playing with cousins.
 The whole crew on Christmas morning as taken by Fereshteh.  Next year, there will be one more little in the picture (not a Knutson).
 One of Jill's good gift ideas was toy story costumes for all the kids.  Clara is a somewhat reluctant Jessie -- she would rather be Buzz oftentimes.  Janny is the weird alien guy(s?), but doesn't like to wear the hat.  Ricky and Enoch make an excellent Woody and Buzz.
Big news on my career front.  In January, I'll be working for the guy below (though I don't expect to meet him for some time).  We're super excited that (1) I'll be gainfully employed, (2) the company and job seem to be a good fit for me, and (3) we don't have to move!
For the first time in about a decade, our town has a church basketball league.  We have a ringer, so I expect that we'll be competitive.  My goals are threefold: (1) not get hurt, (2) not be horrifically sore after practice or games, (3) contribute.