Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I watched a lot of the MLB playoffs during the last month (that's my excuse for not posting here often).  I grew up an A's fan, (Andy and I cut school once (very much outdone here by my friend Rick) to watch a game.  Dennis Eckersley's daughter and I were in the same english class in jr. high.  I cried when Gibson hit the hr in 1988.  I loved that the A's swept the Giants in 1989.), but due to the distance, time difference, numerous heartbreaks, and growing up have lost some of my passion for the team.  It's fun to watch such compelling games when one's heart does not fear being broken.

My parents came out for a week of watching leaves turn and kids grow.  Despite the week-long absence of stomach flu in our house, somehow both mom and dad came down with it (was it from someone else???).
I keep struggling to write about what Clara is like these days.  It must be because she is becoming her own person.  I would struggle mightily to briefly describe what Jill is like.  One thing that amuses me is that Clara corrects me when I misunderstand something she says.  She remembers events from several days ago, and often I have to jog my memory or ask Jill to what she is referring.
Notice that grandma has no injuries!  Her foot is not back to full strength and flexibility, but she's walking around without any assistance.  Derek Jeter, you're welcome to contact her if you need any input about recovering from your injury.

 With grandparents around, family portraits are possible!
Janny is our intense kid.  She gets so mad when she can't do things even if they really are above her development, like putting a hat on a lego man or putting puzzle pieces together.  She loves to explore our neighborhood.  This week, she was running on the sidewalk, and tripped and landed on her hands and forehead.  After crying for a few seconds, she wanted to get right back to it.
In local sporting news, we might have a church basketball league this winter.  We have enough players from our church, so other churches need to step up.  Cyclocross practice just didn't work out great this year as it either rained (we don't want to get in trouble with local authorities), I was sick, or we had visitors.  There's a race in Bloomington coming up that I might try.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

sick week

Last week, a stomach bug got each member of the family in successive days.  Josh and Ally came down for a visit and got it also.  Fereshteh held out the longest but still succombed.  For each person, the suffering lasted about a day and a half.

We've had some very pleasant weather this fall, so before the great wave of illness we were visiting parks and lakes on Saturdays.  Below are photos from a short hike in Busey Woods.
Clara likes play-dough and wears goggles during bath time.
Janny has some more words but her favorite is still no.  She loves to eat breakfast and to take walks.  She and I walked around our whole block together.  She laughs at physical humor and cries from not getting her way with much gusto.

We went to the Illinois-Michigan football game in Ann Arbor on Saturday.  The Illini got crushed in a dispirited performance.  We got soaked by the incessant rain, but our spirits remained upbeat, mostly because our tailgating was scheduled for after the game inside out of the rain.  Also, we may have a bad football team, but our academics remain top notch.