Monday, August 25, 2008

slow goings

After all the excitement of vacation and traveling to MI, we've not been inspired to update the ole blog. Day to day life pretty much goes on as per usual. However, there are a couple longer term items of note.

First is that we are marching through the process of becoming foster parents. We turned in about 20 pages of personal info last week, and we'll be interviewed in person next week at our home. So if you have a kid and live in NM and are thinking of doing something really foolish, consider that your kid could be under our care soon. Beware!

Second, my ambition of moving to another group in the lab is looking promising. The first phase will likely involve me working half-time in my current group and the rest in the new group. What's the new group? Analyzing the prospects of biofuels, with particular emphasis on fuels from algae. What's my current group? To be honest, I'm not sure. Can you see why I want to move?

Here's the family in MI. Ricky is SO cool!

Friday, August 15, 2008

on the leading edge of fashion

You might have incorrectly assumed that I am not hip to current fashion trends. While riding home from work, I happened to notice a young man wearing an NBA jersey in a trendy new way. His jersey was on backwards! That's right, as he was walking towards me, I was confronted with the word 'Iverson', rather than '76ers' (this is an old jersey -- is retro coming back again? I say no.).

Well, in my mind, this requires a response. If I were a follower of trends, I would have immediately turned my shirt around. Instead, I claim to be the first to counter this trend by wearing my shirt normalwise.

Staying on this leading edge is challenging, even for me. During the meteoric gasoline price rise, I was growing rather concerned about the increasing number of fellow bicycle commuters. Thankfully, with gasoline essentially being given away, this trend will be cut off before it really gains momentum. I'd hate to join the bus riders, and our roads are too rough for dorky roller-blading.

I conclude with two trendy tips. Jill says, 'tea is the new coffee.' She also says, 'ride road bikes offroad.'

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

One Week in Utah

C: Someday I'd like to take a two-week vacation.

J: Sounds great. Where d'ya wanna go?

C: Uh . . . here.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

... and we're back

We're back from our 1 1/2 week vacation. Did we miss anything?

We saw a moose. More to come.