Friday, March 18, 2011


Before we get to a couple updated pictures, I'd like to share a few practical steps to ensure a smooth transition from a family of 3 to 4.
1. Make sure that #4 is not born on the same day as #3. I don't know the optimal spacing, but 18 months is reasonable.
2. Don't be the person that gives birth. This is hard, tiring, and requires a heavy dose of healing. The 'coach' gets tired and feels much empathetic pain, but recovery from these is quick.
3. Invite in-laws to stay so that they can cook, clean, and play with person #3 in the morning while #1, #2, and #4 sleep.
4. Have a job without immediate pressing deadlines and with a generous paternal leave. I'm writing this from home on Fri at noon in front of the ncaa tourney game.
Good luck!

While we were in the hospital, Clara turned into a full-blown toddler. She's heavier, funnier, and funner. Here she is in bandita mode.
Here's grandpa holding an infrequently awake and alert Janny.
When she's not running around outside (we've had marvelous spring weather this week), Clara likes to see what Janny is doing. She doesn't like the idea of Janny using her stuff, but sharing things like the packnplay is fine.
This is the up-to-the-10-minute-update of Janny: asleep on mommy's lap.
Hmmm, I'm getting sleepy. Maybe I'll take a nap.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Janny is born

Janet Verily Knutson was born at 2:48p today. We call her Janny.

Jill and Janny did a heroic job getting through the day. Both are feeling very tired right now.
Janny weighed in at 7 lbs 3 oz, a whopping 7 oz more than Clara at birth. She's 19" long and quite dashing.

Nurse Tina was called in for special duty today and was a wonderful helper. She and her husband ride bikes, so hopefully we'll see them on the road some time.

And happy pi day to boot!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

mini bobike

Recently, I have become aware that we're about to have 2 very small children. Until this point, I hadn't put much though into transporting the two kids via bicycle. We love the burley trailer, but until Janny can sit upright, we won't be able to fit both girls in it. Our relatives bought us a cool rear-mounted bike seat, but it's still a little big for Clara.

Last week I bought (via craigslist) a mini-bobike, a front mounted seat for kids weighing less than 35 lbs.

Installing the seat is no problem. Getting on my bike with seat installed reminds me of getting into the backseat of my roommate's vw bug back in college. Once on the bike, we were snug, but the handling and sight-lines are fine.
Clara and I rode around the block on the maiden voyage. I think the lack of smiles on Clara's face is due to (1) her taking any new activity very seriously and (2) the 40 degrees temp. Since there was no crying, I claim success.
For Matt and Jaime: we watched Nathaniel's video with Clara this weekend. She LOVED it, and watched it about 10 times. Here's her response at the end of a viewing:
That's 'more' in sign language.

Locally, Unofficial St. Patrick's day, or as its now called 'unofficial', was celebrated on Friday. Usually, I'm oblivious to such events, but I headed towards Green St at noon to buy my lunch. At least every 3rd house or apartment complex had a large (>20) group of people hanging out, drinking, and making merry. Everyone wore a green shirt except me, which is why I was surprised when not only did I receive a ball-fake on my way past the 'qb', but felt the football breeze just past my left ear as I walked down the sidewalk without turning back. On the way back from El Charro with 4 tacos in my backpack, I was prepared but the weak throw landed at my feet.

How could so many students be at so many parties? Our adopt-a-students, who didn't participate, say that students from all over the big 10 universities come here for it. I don't condone the over-drinking, but I enjoyed seeing that many people having fun.