Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Faithful readers, it seems that the wave of pestilence is starting to recede.  The first blows (literally) came at approximately 2 am on Sunday, April 21.  Clara threw up 3 times in the middle of the night and continued vomiting for about 2 days.  During this time, Janny had a runny nose.  Then Clara had diarrhea, and Janny got the stomach bug (thankfully for only 1 day), followed by diarrhea.  Then they both got coughs and now Clara has an ear infection.

The stomach bug afflicted me with coming out both ends syndrome on Thursday night.  This was the third time I've been sick since fall, and all 3 rank among the worst I've ever felt.  On the bright side, during the most recent episode I made some strides in my vomiting technique.  In the fall, I feared that my stomach was getting ripped in half.  This time, I was able to relax and let the goods flow.

Jill escaped this round with tummy uneasiness (that and taking care of the rest of us).
While carrying Janny recently, I realized that she is now the size that I picture Clara being.  Yikes.  They're growing (with the mandatory aside that they are both still quite small for their ages, and yes we work super hard to get them to eat more and better food but all Janny ever wants to eat is Nutella...).

 What a wet April!  We celebrated the rain by stomping and splashing in our backyard puddles and rainfall-filled pool.  We are very pleased to not have a basement.
Our basketball team beat the undefeated 1st place team in the semi-finals!  Our superstar Bryan hit a 3 with five seconds  left to give us the lead.  I haven't felt so proud of a sports accomplishment in a long time (What's that?  Oh, sure I'll tell you the last time.  I won a bike race once).  We worked super hard and wore down the other guys.  Unfortunately, we had very little left for the championship game an hour later.  We couldn't handle the full-court pressure (punk college kids never get tired) and wide big guys of the champs.