Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Guess what? Our camera has a black and white setting, and I like it.

Grandpa and Grandma K celebrated thanksgiving a day early with us because they left on Thurs. The food and time together were both excellent.

We heartily agree with what Chelsea wrote in a comment of the last post. We are so thankful that Clara has joined our family. What makes a great gift? Something you can't buy, can't earn, and don't deserve. The long wait makes it sweeter.

Monday, November 23, 2009

more grandparents

Grandpa and Grandma K are in town to visit the baby for the first time. They kindly brought the CA weather with them, ending a string of rainy days.
You may certainly feel bad for them since they live so far from Clara. However, 2 other super fun granddaughters live in their hometown.
My favorite women are quite beautiful.
Clara's eyes are still a lovely shade of blue. Are they going to stay that color?
Since grandpa and grandma are in town, we picked Sunday to have Clara's dedication at church. We promised to do our best in showing her how to follow Christ. The church members promised to help us. Pastor Shannon conducted the dedication.
I still wake up every day amazed that Clara is our daughter. She brings SO MUCH joy to me and Jill, and we are so happy that family and friends also love and enjoy her.

Bonus blessing: she slept 9 hours straight on Sat night.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

a big milestone

The fun train has slowed just enough for me to get my bearings and report on the goings on.

We took another trip to Warsaw this weekend to be a part of the surprise 25th anniversary of Grandpa S's pastorate at Calvary Baptist Church. That's no exaggeration, he has been the head (and for many years only) pastor at the same church for 25 years. Quite an achievement for both the pastor and the membership! During those 25 years, I have been a regular attender of 10 different churches, 2 of which no longer exist.

Speaking of churches, friends from our church in Abq sent a shower-in-a-box for Clara. She loved it!
October was wet, so November started off gloriously. Jill toted the baby around the local golf course after we got flu mists/shots and got baby checked out. She is 50th percentile in height and 25-50th in weight.
Much family converged on Warsaw for the anniversary weekend. Cousins are huger than Clara. Ricky reported to Papi that Clara hit him. Papi was skeptical. So I will train her to hit them both for real later.
I fear the consequences of not showing the 3rd sister of Grandma S holding the baby. Aunt Jan!
Clara continues to impress us. On Sunday night, she slept 7 straight hours, and she did it again on Mon night. She's looking intently at toys. She and I had a good conversation tonight:

Me: At work today, blah blah blah .....
Clara: ooooooo!
Me: And then ....
Clara: aaaaayyyyyyiiiii!
Me: I love you!
Clara: eeeeeeeeee!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

2 months yes

Clara is 2 months old, so time to check her growth. She weighs about 10 lbs and is getting quite close in size to Raggedy Ann. Of course, she has a long way to go to match RA's hair.
We're still quite happy when friends visit and get to see the baby.
My grandparents have a poster in a bathroom that has two photos of a boy sitting on a chamber pot. In the first photo, he looks like Clara below, and the caption reads, 'I use Dr. Carter's liver pills.'
In the second photo he looks like this, and the caption is 'I DON'T!'
A minor parenting disappointment to date is that Clara is not overjoyed to see me when I get home from work. I assume that this will change rather soon. But maybe the real question is how long that phase will last. I'm hoping at least 12 years, and 18 would be fantastic.
I really hope that Clara doesn't perfect this look when she sees me. We'll work on detraining this expression straight away.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

smiles in pixels

Smiles are still tricky to capture with the camera, but Jill was johnny on the spot this morning. Smiles tend to come in the morning or when changing her diaper. Very rarely she'll smile if I rub her belly.
And this is the jackpot smile! Maybe next time we'll get her smiling at the camera. Stay tuned.
Even though Aunt Jerie used an intermediary to complain about her absence from the IN trip post, we're happy to insert her holding Clara here.
Ironically, Clara is terribly upset as I'm writing this post.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

MI pays a visit

Fall is in full swing here in the midwest. Thankfully, our current home has no fence, so I might be able to avoid raking leaves. At our old house, I would fill almost forty 40 gallon bags. One year, someone 'stole' about 1/3 of our filled bags. I remember we spent a long time debating possible explanations for the mysterious theft. Our favorite theory was that some neighbor kids' mom had told them they had to have 15 bags of leaves by the curb before they could quit raking and play video games.
We're not the only parents that waited a while for a kid to arrive. The outfit below was passed down from Julia. Indeed, we're glad to have Clara with us!
This weekend, the U of Michigan brought its football team to town. Of greater note is that Jill's cousins came also to watch the football game and to see the baby. After showing them the sites of downtown Urbana, I went with them to the game, sitting in the MI fan section. The section emptied steadily as Illinois pounded MI in the 2nd half. The cousins took it well, though you can see that Brent's still looking a little serious in the picture below.

* * * * * * *
After church today, we went to Za's for lunch in campustown. Maybe it's just the clientele there, but all the young people seem to wear new clothes, and most were fashionably dressed. Did the grunge era completely die off without anyone telling me? Is there anything else I missed lately?