Thursday, March 14, 2013

Janny is 2!

Our youngest kid, Janny, is 2 years old today.  We started our celebration last night with our across the street neighbors.  We had brownie cupcakes with pink yogurt frosting.  Yum (but a little hard to remove from the paper wrappers).  Tonight, we opened Janny's present from Grandparents K, a huge dollhouse.  Janny and Clara greatly enjoyed it.
Janny is an independent person, but even introverts invite friends for tea sometimes.

Recently, Clara was chasing Janny around the house shouting, "Are you my sister?"
Janny:  "NOOOOO!"
Clara:  "Yes you are!"

And so it goes.
Miss Tonya made a toy salad for Janny's birthday present.  All the kids had a blast with it.  Janny wouldn't let go of the carrots.
Maybe tomorrow Janny will open her present from daddy, a turkey baster and a pack of red funnels.  She loves to play with water (just like Clara used to and still does).  I'm hoping that my $4 gift gets much use.

I'm a little ashamed to confess a primary reason that I haven't been writing much lately.  We've been watching too many tv shows.  On our list now:  American Pickers (or just Frank and Mike), Suits / Psyche, and Survivor.  Plus, I've been watching Illinois basketball occasionally.  Sometimes we'll watch the Daily Show.

While I'm confessing, here's one more:  I bought another bike this week.  It should fit the girls from ages 9ish to 13ish.  So now I almost have their whole lives covered.  Maybe it's time to work on a new project for them?

We have one more regular season basketball game.  We were destroyed by the first place team this week, but again we were without our superstar (though it wouldn't have mattered much).  I think we'll end up in 4th place out of 8.

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