Thursday, January 27, 2011

death of a rim

After riding bikes for over a decade, I have finally worn out a rim. I bought this Mavic MA3 rim in 2002 to build my first wheelset: a Surly fixed gear hubs and dt spokes. That's right, I was near the front of the big fixed gear wave. And this stuff was purchased from Harris Cyclery. I was rad.

When we moved to NM, I found the fixed gear less fun, so I took the rim and spokes and laced them to a dynohub.

Before I chopped the rim with a hacksaw, it was much harder to know how much material remained. The sidewalls were quite concave. Bruce the cantankerous shop owner thought I could get several hundred more miles out of them. Since we haven't seen an above freezing temp all month, I feared an explosion on my way to work. The extra sidewall material of a new rim (Sun CR18) is good for my peace of mind. Same dynohub and spokes.

Janny's coming soon. Here's Jill's belly supporting both girls at week 34 (I think?).
Clara fell at the playground and chipped a couple teeth, but I have been unable to photo the damage. This is a good thing: 1. they are hard to see and 2. damage is not bad. She doesn't complain when eating or drinking.
My favorite Claraism right now: she points then moves her hand to her ear and says 'hi' when she wants to play with the phone. I love to watch her dance also.
Fun facts: she still has 6 teeth (mostly), wears size 3 diapers, takes two 1 hour naps and sleeps from about 9p to 7:30a. She ate 2 hot dogs (only 1/3 of a bun) for dinner tonight.

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