Wednesday, April 4, 2012


A sea change has taken place in our household this week.  Janny is going to bed before 9p and Clara follows shortly after.  That means Jill and I now get a solid hour of down time at the end of the day.  On top of that, Janny is pretty regularly sleeping through the night, though not without loud moans now and again.  This all means that we get enough sleep and we get some time alone.  And there was much rejoicing.

What's more, this has been the most pleasant spring in the history of the midwest.  We have planted flowers and sown some seeds for our garden.  We've needed to water our garden.  We can stand in buckets of chilly water after daddy comes home from work.
 Janny eats solid food with her 4 teeth.  She enjoys just about everything, a welcome change from Clara's finicky eating.  She's walking well and loves to play outside, especially on our concrete step.
 Clara is getting proficient at tricycling.  She even managed to ride through some grass tonight -- perhaps some cyclocross is in her future?

And now for my prudish old man report.  During the last several years, it has become more common for coeds to sunbathe in bikinis in non-swimming-pool public places.  Since there are many coeds in this college town, this is quite a common sight-- grass fields near my office, next to basketball courts, in the quad.  Okay, fine, I can deal.  At least they aren't walking around town in them.

But last week just before communion, the view out the north facing window at church shows a number of bikini-clad ladies on the roof of their sorority.  What should the church do?  (1) Advertise this fact to bring more college/single men to the service?  (2) Ask the ladies to wait until after the service?  (3) Put up some curtains?  (4)  Pray for rain or cold weather on Sunday mornings?  (5) Ignore and hope that only Jill and I noticed?

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