Tuesday, October 11, 2011

fall family visit

My mom and dad popped in for a weekend visit on their way home from leaf gazing in Vermont.  Interestingly, they were rather impressed with the trees here.  The leaves are larger than those in VT.  Of course, we don't have so many trees.  They only grow along streams and in town so as to not block sunlight and steal water from more valuable plants.  And we had sunshine and 80 degrees compared to rain and cold in the east.  
 We had an appointment with Leyla to have family portraits taken.  My mom snuck in a few shots between the pro's.  She's quite skilled.
 It looks like fall around here but with lots of sunshine and warmth.  Jill and the girls are often at parks during the day.
 Dad bought an ipad version of Jack and the Beanstock.  He was extremely popular with the three two-year-olds that he shared it with, including Clara of course.
 Lots of leaves are ready to join my compost pile.

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