Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Two and a half

Since my last post, we reached a couple milestones.  First, Clara turned 2 years old!  Her favorite toys are blocks, balls, and trains.  I love when she plays 'catch' with me.  We throw, roll, and kick any number of her favorite balls back and forth.
We had extra visitors this week.  Jill picked up Josh, Ally, and their parents' car near Chicago, and they stayed with us for a week.  [I skipped that trip because I was feeling terrible.  I think a lack of sleep, a cold, and allergies conspired to nearly wipe me out for 2 weeks.]  We had a blast pretending to be a family of 6 wherever we went.  Let me tell you, adding two bigger kids that can do lots of things and have great attitudes is no problem.  Adding two more babies would hurt.
 Since they were here only Sun through Sat morning, I couldn't join any of the big events.  And since we have 2 little people, the big events were limited to Curtis Orchard, local parks, and 707 cafe.  Josh and Ally were very good sports!
 The second milestone was that Janny turned 1/2 last week.  We gave her some rice cereal to celebrate.  The spoon attracted more interest than the food, but she did eat some.  She can sit up pretty well by herself.  Any toy that she can pick up (and that isn't stolen by Clara) pleases her.  She plays seriously with her toys.  She seems to never sleep during the day (she does, but naps are fewer and longer).
On our way back from MI on Monday, we took our second stop along the Kankeekee River.  There was a path down the bank to a small 'beach'.  Jill fed the baby, and Clara and I threw sticks, rocks, and clam shells into the river.  The Kanky is an impressively attractive small river.

Finally, I should add that another person does in fact live in our house.  After a 2 year break from us, Fereshteh is back under our roof.  She's in the guest room, so now guests stay in Clara's room and the four of us all sleep in our room.

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