Wednesday, November 17, 2010

lull before the storm

Probably our readers don't expect to be overwhelmed by the excitement that is our lives, but I hope to bring more action to the blog soon. Recently, when we've not been organizing the house, we have been forgetting to bring the camera to mini-events (like going to a park, walking to the grocery store (we switched from Schnucks to County Market because it's a handy 6 minute walk away), and Thanksgiving dinner with the adopt-a-students at church).

Clara continues to improve her walking. I expected that we would point to a specific moment when she started walking, but it was quite gradual. She walked behind her push toys. She stood up on her own. She took steps, but was clearly falling. Now she's toddling all over, and it blows my mind.
Wood floors, baby, and a blanket means lots of fun. No one was hurt during this stunt. Or when I pulled her.
Occasionally, Clara can put food into her mouth with a spoon.
A final interesting Clara note. Very, very late last night, Jill sneaked a peak into Clara's room and saw her sitting up and playing with her bunny blanket. Jill was quiet as a mouse, so Clara didn't notice. Both gals went back to sleep without making a peep. We wonder if she does this often.

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Leigh said...

We love the Clara pictures! That's a funny story about her sitting up playing late at night, because Jack does that occasionally. Sometimes we see him (on the monitor) reading a book, but that's odd because it's dark in his room!